Shattered Wig #28

Shattered Wig #28
Coming In November!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kim Jong Peeps

In addition to this being the Year of Love and the Year of the House and the Year of Work Ulcer, it has also surely been the year of Our Dear Leader Kim Jong Il! While I am sweating (actually freezing) my tender slag cheeks at retail without heat in the store because the soon-to-be-new landlord's work crew accidentally cut off the power line to our heating system, putting down workers' insurrections and placing buckets under roof leaks from the monstrous snow, my sweetie has been out making a marshmallow Peeps diorama! Where is the justice in this cruel world? Most likely she has also met like the world's greatest Peep diorama maker who is a raging geek yet also a smoldering lothario beneath all his still living with mom slight rankiness.

If I come home to her licking Pixie Stix dust off his ivory mole belly I will surely move to one of those Earthship abodes in New Mexico.

But tomorrow I have coerced fine artist and mensch Matt Bovie to help me finally finish off my Epic Charles Village move that has left me stooped and impacted with dust for the remainder of my days. And then I get to go to the Creative Alliance and see my haunted moon face in Michael Kimball and Luca Depierro's new movie "60 Writers/60 Places". My part was actually shot the day after I asked Everly to marry me and about one hour or so after I told her my one dark secret (and no it has nothing to do with std's), so I'm very curious to see if my altered state is visible.

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