Shattered Wig #28

Shattered Wig #28
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Normal's Books and Records 20th Anniversary Party - Friday, June 18th

June 1st the shambling beast that is Normal's Bargain Cobbley World Books & Records turned 20. Down to four co-owners from 9 but still kicking cultural ass and taking names, although with our diminished hearing we occasionally have to have them repeat themselves: "Gore who?"

To celebrate this momentous retail achievement that survived two different Bush presidencies, crack cocaine and the menace that was unleashed by it swarming the streets of Baltimore and The Second Great Depression that withered the dugs of Capitalism, we are throwing a party at our home away from home, Laure Drogoul's 14 Karat Cabaret.

The party is Friday, June 18 and will feature Zomes (Asa Osborne, Baltimore's most beloved and gentle keyboard stroker), The Bow-Legged Gorilla (your fine paper's choice for "Best Solo Act"), young Bethany Dinsick under the guise of Square Pi, our very own legendary warhorse Blaster Al Ackerman, enigmatic words from scribe Megan McShea, short films by Rahne Alexander and Kristen Anchor and The Ornate Coal Men featuring John Berndt, Tiffany Defoe (this would be a great opportunity to corner her and find out once and for all if she is truly related to Willem Defoe - she actually might be!), Joel Knispel and Paul Neidhardt.

After all that cerebral music grabass DJ Lucky Charms AKA John E. will shake your body down with '80s nuggets and other sonic delights. Will he dress as Lady Gaga???? Only those in attendance will know for sure.

Admission will be $8 at the door, but your ticket will get you 20% off your next purchase of used items at our very own Normal's Books & Records. There will also be door prizes, possibly mimes and two different limited edition hand screened t-shirts for the occasion - one by musician/artist Scott Larson of Little Gruntpack and Furniture Falling Down the Stairs fame and one by Hamilton's beloved Matt Bovie, reigning artist prince of The Mt. Royal Tavern.

Other surprises surely to come.

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