Shattered Wig #28

Shattered Wig #28
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shattered Wig Press Blog Nominated For a Mobbie And Normal's In the Web News

Not sure how this happened (well maybe I am) or how it works (definitely not), but Shattered Wig Press got nominated for a DIY blog Mobbie Award by the Sun Paper. Voting runs from November 2nd through the 12th, so please perhaps cast a vote or two or three for us so that we don't look really pathetic in the standings. Not even sure who runs the tissue paper thin Sun anymore now that they've sent their writers packing. But at any rate, here is the link:

In other cultural and financial news, Normal's Books and Records got written up as part of a piece about a trio of Waverly businesses fighting the Grim Reaper in these dire economic times. I got asked to pose in the awkward "casual lean against the doorway with arms crossed" pose, but at least my head does not appear too ginormous. Kind of comforting to be in agreement and the same wave tossed vessel as our landlord though.

Here is the link to the article in Bmore Media:

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