Shattered Wig #28

Shattered Wig #28
Coming In November!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Shattered Wig 28 Sneak Preview #14, The Last, I Swear - "Ted In White" by David Beaudouin

This, I swear to you valued reader, will be the last sneak peak of the new Shattered Wig issue coming out in paper form on December 10th. From here on out you will have to obtain a solid copy to sample all the treasures that will unlock your deepest imagination and free you from earthly pain. Copies will be available for a mere $5 at the door at Shattered Wig Night, Friday December 10th.

After that they'll be available for $6 through this site, Normal's Books & Records and Atomic Books. Plus they will be available for free perusal at four forward thinking University Libraries who have had longstanding subscriptions with us. Are any of the cool, smart libraries that order Shattered Wig in Maryland you ask? No, of course not, but perhaps if you a student at one you could picket the administrative offices Old School style until they cough up the big green.


David Beaudouin is a man of eternal mystery. He moves like Isadora Duncan shagging flies on a field of clouds and jello, he alone knows where Ed Dorn lives in secret seclusion and he now insists on being addressed only as "Ukom Memory Song". Long has he labored with love among lines.


For my sins I live in the city of Baltimore
Immutable as it staggers into the sea its crooked shore
Uncertain of any harbor, impure and beautiful
Like a cigarette butt in last night's drink.
So must I also think like Poe with an aching head
Of dark and transcendent things that slip out those alleys
Follow us back to our little blue home. Let these poems
Be our fiery word in these haunted streets, turning all shades
But our own to things as real as stone where we can read
Our death has not been written yet. Even with monsters
At the edges, it is a map where we can live, this city they
Keep building as it falls, the water's current carries everything
Away but what we feel, who we loved, where we went that
Night for crabs and beer. It will never be more real than here.

9/13/08 - David Beaudouin

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