Shattered Wig #28

Shattered Wig #28
Coming In November!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Munch" by Austin Al Ackerman


Have you enough round hole flabby-strength to skate your eye lint
Let's ask someone who knows
Let's ask patchy lint custard on your elbow
About dog cough, mist halation, all that wisdom fulla smoke
When I get to going I know it sounds silly and sordid
People begin to predict I'll go to the chair
A bunch of flying snails in the end is only wrinkly folds
The way you lunge sets us to belching and the clouds
Throat combination screwy storms in my mask collection
Sets something to sparkling in my lap
I seem to see floppy shorts will name your life
Look out for bombing phones you always followed
When you place your trust in cheese then blocks of salt
Glisten in your tub like lumpy ashcakes
No wonder a football bursts and stinks
I'd have to say I'm charging you with that
You who made these letters act all screwy and thud
Like apples behind the toilet
Thanks to you I smelled and stunned the coughing hat
That's what it means to foam beside the river
And find the birds stacked to north and south
Have you enough round hole flabby-strength to munch on those buggers
I bet you have

(from jmb of 11/3/10 etc etc)

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