Shattered Wig #28

Shattered Wig #28
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love Plugs For Normal's Night at The Golden West

Many thanks to the folks at The City Paper:

Normal's Night

With musical performers Asa Osbourne (Lungfish, Zomes), Thank You, Madagascar, Walker & Jay, and Spacecrafts and Aliens (featuring Nathan Bell and Liz Downing), and poet Robert O'Brien.

We Say...

If you were to build a diorama of the Normal's Books and Records musical universe, you could start by collecting battered little musical instruments that fell out of the doll house that grandpa built. Then glue them to miniature dolls hand-carved in the likenesses of such local musical visionary-oddball-luminaries as Asa Osbourne (Lungfish, Zomes), Thank You (pictured), Madagascar, Walker & Jay, and Spacecrafts and Insects (featuring Nathan Bell and Liz Downing). You'd have to feature a poet, of course, so why not carve up a Robert O'Brien out of some winnowed soap? Place them on a scrap of old carpet, set them in an cut-up cardboard box, plug in some twinkly lights, and set it all in front of a plate glass window, where everyone walking by could puzzle over the curiosity. The whole thing would lure them off the street, ideally, as might this benefit show for the venerable used bookstore/culture hub. (Tim Hill)


and The Urbanite for these nice plugs for our show. Thanks to the great musicians for giving their time and talent for this night that already is singeing my back hair off with fevered anticipation!

Gold Plated Normal's Golden West Show

When: Sat., July 23
Normal’s bookstore will be grooving to folk music and exercising its right to drink legally at the Gold Plated Normal's Golden West Show, a celebration of the store’s 21 years in the book and record sales business. Golden West restaurant in Hampden will host Asa Osborne of Zomes, Lungfish, and Madagascar. Walker & Jay and Bob O’Brien, host of the WORMS reading series, will represent the literary with some poetry readings.

Golden West Cafe

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