Shattered Wig #28

Shattered Wig #28
Coming In November!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pope Croke Tribute #1

(Above are Pope on the left, Chris Mason in the middle and Chris Toll on the right, at Shakemore 2010).


Song Pope swung



by Chris Mason


Chris Mason is a poet and musician. He is the author of Hum Who Hiccup (Narrowhouse Press) and a member of The Tinklers and Old Songs. It's rumored that he's in a duo playing Woody Guthrie songs also, but when asked about it he replied "I will not share my essence."

Pope Croke was a fixture on the Baltimore music and arts scene. He passed away on December 26th from a MRSA infection and problems related to kidney failure from 14 years ago. Some of his groups were Infant Lunch, Kneeling On Beans, Mo Fine and His All Blind Orchestra, She Bites and Furniture Falling Down The Stairs.

Pope was a true Baltimore original and there will be more posts about him to follow.