Shattered Wig #28

Shattered Wig #28
Coming In November!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

FORTUNE 500......PLUS ONE for Brother Anselm

Joining the recently departed Chris Toll and Pope Croke is poet Anselm Hollo, who served some time in Baltimore three decades ago. I had the pleasure of working in Second Story Books, Baltimore, back in 1984 when he walked in with Andrei Codrescu. He checked out our local press section was and his gaze fell upon a tape I made with John Berndt called "Readings From Nether Lips". "Nether Lips", he said with amusement in his thick accent, "nether lips".


For Brother Anselm

Enumerated by calendar     (them
Sustained by pills      (me
2013's Hot New Diet Secrets        (bedsprings
Maverick is his name      (Sputnik
For all your caffeinated needs       (hoist
Please stay in control of your person     (amour or less
& so on     (fiasco
& so forth      (apr├Ęs bowling

"Let's see some ID here..."       (swollen foot
Lapdog or laptop      (the actual body
By the speed with which     (viral
Are we equal to the sequel?       (crowbar, flying
If nothing else     (translate
Let us be definite     (forever on the Page

by Joel Dailey


Joel Dailey is the editor of Fell Swoop Press and author of Surprised By French Fries on Ugly Duckling Press.

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