Shattered Wig #28

Shattered Wig #28
Coming In November!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Two By Dina Marie Varsalone

We at Shattered Wig Empire in The Ether hope you had a great Thanksgivikkah yesterday, even if it ended weeping to Jim Reeves' "The Blizzard" next to the fireplace with grandpa telling you to get your act together. We ourselves are far from home doing a special report in Alabama.

Here are two beautiful, sparse poems by Dina Varsalone to soothe you as you ponder family, time, mortality and the straining at your waistline.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ideas Of Order

Each false
thing ends.

How did we
come to think

ill humor
should mask

as youth?
We lay

sticky with sleep,
the sense against

calamity. The room
is a quiet, shrinking

motive for metaphor.
The stillness

is the stillness
of the mind.


Fixer of Midnight

Winter dark,
I dropped

into his sea
of a body

for a touch
of salt.

Fogs descended.
Leaning back

I crossed
a hand

over my eyes;
flinging aside

theoretical things,
I could not count on

the stars
or anything else.

I’m growing old
back into odd places.

From the air,
of the body.

And then the window
blotting out reason.


Dina Varsalone grew up in New Hampshire and now lives in Baltimore Md where she runs writing workshops at the Mill Centre in Hampden. Her work has appeared in print in her self-published zines Ablerug and Take Me, I'm Yours! as well as Reed Magazine, The Watermark, and Embrocation Cycling Journal. She's currently at work on a book of poems and a humor book based on her blog, How to Waste Your Youth (for fun and profit!). Read more of her work at

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