Shattered Wig #28

Shattered Wig #28
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Mole Suit Choir On Listen In with Ellen Cherry

Well my momma always told me when I was an ambitious teen writer and musician that she'd only take me serious if I got on the Johnny Carson show - (although she did once say she would pay for me to be on the Gong Show). Sadly Johnny is dead and Jay Leno took a long leisurely dump on his legacy, but last week I got to be on Ellen Cherry's "Listen In" web show with The Mole Suit Choir.

Ellen and her crew are top notch and great hosts. They even had a dog there so it would feel more like our practices at my house with Max nudging our legs to let us know he wants to go the park and hump Pitbulls (he's got a Death Wish, just like his poppa).

Here is the complete 51 minute show - interview and live performance - with four new songs that are post-"Campfire Spacesuit". One, "Bellies Empty, Asylums Full", we'd never played out before. It's brand new and Liz plays her groovy little Loog on it. Then there's our song taken from Bob O'Brien's poem "Increasingly Virtual Worlds", a new song based on Chris Toll's poem "Lonesome Cowboy On the Protein Deprivation Trail" and our big ol' country closer homage to the pharmaceutical Empire, "Pills".

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